Lobster Mobile. Free Calls and Texts between Spain and the UK

Lobster Mobile – The Full English Mobile in Spain


Lobster Mobile, the all-in-English mobile service (bills, customer service, chat, etc). Free Calls and Texts between Spain and the UK. You get unlimited calls and texts in and between Spain and the UK and other countries plus amazing data deals.

Calls and texts to and from Spain, UK, Denmark, Germany, Gibraltar, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal and Sweden are included in your plan. Calls and texts to the US from Spain are also included in your plan. Lobster, super-easy to use. From just €12 Unlimited Calls. Sim packages from Lobster for expats. Need a SIM Card, British TV and Other Services? –> Contact us

Have you Just Arrived in Spain?

If you’re a fresh arrival in Spain, then getting a local mobile phone number, british TV, and other things that you need. This is an important step in setting up your new life in Spain, the sunny country. Lobster Mobile will help you stay in touch with your loved ones back home, as well as new friends and colleagues, and much

Need a SIM Card and other Services?

New arrivals to Spain will be pleased to know that the beautiful Iberian nation has an excellent mobile network that is accessible for expats and visitors alike. Lobster, the new operator for british people residing in Spain. The country of sun and good food has a new virtual mobile operator. This is Lobster, a company that arrives to serve a very specific
audience: british expatriates and other English-speaking countries who reside in Spain or spend time here. Lobster Mobile, the Full English Mobile in Spain.

With unlimited calls and texts back home. Just choose a Lobster Mobile SIM Plan that suits you. You can change the Lobster Plan to a bigger or smaller one any time you like, and get all the support and help you need in English. Give Lobster Mobile a go!

Keep your existing spanish telephone number

You can keep your Spanish number or we can give you a brand new one. Just Let us know and Lobster Mobile will automatically transfer it for you. The all English mobile network in Spain. Lobster 4G sim Cards in English.
The all english mobile network in spain and europe. No long term commitments or fixed contracts, and you can get all your bills in English. Just choose the bundle size that’s right for you: small, medium or large. And if you can’t decide, we can help. Just call 868 97 55 25 to register or sign up and we will call you and set it all up over the Phone. And that’s it. You’re all done. Start chatting, texting and browsing on the go or at home
on the sun lounger. Lovely!

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