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Bicycle Insurance Spain

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Cycling is more than just a hobby in Spain; it’s a lifestyle. However, the thrill of the ride shouldn’t overshadow the risks involved, especially when it comes to accidents and theft.

At, we understand that the road conditions in Spain can be unpredictable, making insurance not just a recommendation but a necessity.

Our comprehensive bicycle insurance plans are designed to protect you, your bike, and third parties in the event of an accident or theft.

With the rising costs of modern bicycles, ranging from children’s bikes to high-end electric and racing models, can you afford to take the risk? Secure your peace of mind with today.

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Does bicycle insurance cover theft?

Absolutely, our insurance policies include coverage for theft. If your bicycle is stolen, we’ll assist you in the claims process to ensure you’re adequately compensated, allowing you to get back on the road as soon as possible.

Are bicycle accidents covered by insurance?

Yes, our bicycle insurance policies at provide comprehensive coverage for accidents.

Whether you’re involved in a collision or suffer from a fall, our plans are designed to protect you, your bike, and any third parties involved.

Do bicycles have to have insurance by law in Spain?

Insurance for bicycles is not mandatory by law in Spain. However, given the frequent accidents and the varying conditions of the roads, having insurance is highly recommended for your safety and financial protection.

What does bicycle insurance cover?

Our bicycle insurance covers a wide range of scenarios for complete peace of mind. This includes coverage for accidents, theft, and roadside assistance.

Additionally, both the policyholder and third parties involved in any incident are covered under our comprehensive plans.

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