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REGULAR Single Trip Insurance

Regular stay policy is best if you only take one holiday or are only traveling to one destination.

COMPREHENSIVE Single Trip Insurance

Offers the most benefits and extra options for trips up to 15 months, making it an ideal choice for travel insurance for expats in Spain.

SENIORS Travel Insurance

Travel the world regardless of your age. It is safe and easy.

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Be Covered in minutes

REGULAR Single Trip Insurance
ECONOMY Single Trip Insurance

The most cost-effective policy for budget travelers.

ANNUAL MULTI-TRIP Travel Insurance

Traveling more than once a year? Take as many holidays as you wish and be covered all year long! 17 days Winter Sports Cover FREE if you take out the 45 days policy.

BACKPACKER Travel Insurance

Career breaker? Globe trekker? Budget solution for long-stay journeys.


Struggling to find winter sports travel insurance? Our policies cover travelers of up to 70 years old going on ski holidays in any part of the world.


Aussies. Kiwis & Saffas Cover is for round trip journeys from your current country of residence in the UK, or EU and also for one-way trips of up to 12 months duration.


Forgotten to take cover? Travel insurance has run out?


If you can’t find the answer to your question here, then our British team of insurance experts are here to help answer any questions about travel insurance in Spain. Feel free to call us on (+34) 601 909 272. Or you can send us a message here

What does travel insurance include?

Travel insurance typically covers medical emergencies, trip cancellations, lost luggage, and sometimes delays. The specific coverage depends on the policy type.

  • Our travel insurance is available for EU and UK residents, cruise cover is included as standard and many pre existing medical conditions covered as standard for free.
  • We cover 100+ sporting activites, contact us today to find out more about which sports are included in our travel insurance policy.
  • Annual policies are available for people ages up to 79 and single trip policies are available for people ages up to 89.
Can travel insurance be cancelled and refunded?

Most travel insurance policies allow cancellation within a specified period for a full refund, provided no claim has been made.

You have a right to cancel up to 14 days from the date you receive the policy document at the start of your insurance provided that you have not travelled, (or in the case of Single Trip policies, cover has not already commenced), and no claim under this policy has been made.

Is it possible to extend travel insurance coverage?

Yes, extending your travel insurance policy is often feasible. Most policies allow for extensions, but it’s crucial to arrange this before your current policy expires. Without a gap in coverage, you can either extend your existing policy or purchase a new one, ensuring continuous protection during your travels.

Always ensure to finalize any additional coverage before your original policy’s expiration date.

Can travel insurance be purchased after booking a trip?
  • Timing of Purchase: Yes, you can buy travel insurance after booking your trip. However, purchasing it closer to your travel date may limit certain coverages.
  • Pre-existing Conditions: Claims related to pre-existing medical conditions not covered under the ‘No-Screen Medical Conditions’ terms are excluded.
  • Duration of Stay: The policy applies if your trip duration doesn’t exceed 18 months (or 6 months for travelers aged 66 years or over).
  • Policy Expiration: Coverage ends upon your return to your EU country of residence.
  • COVID-19 Coverage: Includes emergency expenses and curtailment if contracted during the trip. No cover for travel during legally imposed bans or against FCDO advice.
  • Waiting Period: A 48-hour delay post-policy issue prevents fraud. Immediate claims for inpatient treatment are verified independently.
  • Cooling-off Period: Not applicable when already traveling, and no refunds for early policy cancellation or return.
Can travel insurance ask for medical records?

●Yes, in the event of a medical claim, insurance companies may request access to medical records to verify the claim.

Does travel insurance cover missed flights, including due to cancellations as per EU regulations?
  • EU Flight Cancellation Policy: In the EU, airlines must offer refunds or re-routing, and possibly compensation, for cancelled flights.
  • Insurance Coverage: Travel insurance may cover missed flights, but this is contingent on the specific terms of your policy.
  • Overlap with Airline Compensation: If the airline compensates or offers an alternative under EU rules, the insurance may not cover additional expenses, as the airline’s obligation is already met.
  • Policy Review: It’s crucial to check your travel insurance details for exact coverage related to missed flights, especially where airline compensation is involved.
Is travel insurance mandatory in Spain?

Travel insurance is not mandatory for visiting Spain, but it is highly recommended, especially for non-EU travellers.

Do Spanish residents need travel insurance to visit the UK?

EU citizens, do not necessarily need travel insurance to visit the UK. However, it is strongly recommended. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Healthcare: While the UK has a reciprocal healthcare agreement with the EU, which allows Spanish residents access to necessary healthcare through the National Health Service (NHS) while in the UK, having travel insurance can provide additional coverage. This includes situations that may not be covered by the NHS, such as repatriation in case of serious illness or accident, or private healthcare services.
    • Travel Disruptions and Losses: Travel insurance can cover various other aspects of your trip, such as trip cancellations, lost luggage, and travel delays. These are not covered by the reciprocal healthcare agreements and can incur significant costs.
      • Brexit Considerations: After Brexit, the rules for EU citizens travelling to the UK have changed. While the core healthcare agreements remain, it is always prudent to check the latest travel guidelines before travelling.
        • Personal Circumstances and Travel Plans: The need for travel insurance can also depend on personal circumstances and the nature of the trip. For instance, if you’re planning activities that involve higher risk, like adventure sports, travel insurance becomes even more important.
          • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or UK Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC): Spanish residents should check if their EHIC card is still valid for necessary healthcare in the UK or if they need to apply for a GHIC.


          In summary, while travel insurance is not a mandatory requirement for Spanish residents visiting the UK, it is advisable to have it for comprehensive protection against various unforeseen circumstances while travelling.

          How much travel insurance do you need?

          The amount of coverage needed depends on the trip cost, destination, duration, and the traveller’s personal circumstances such as age.

          Does travel insurance cover medical expenses?
          • Coverage Inclusion: Yes, all our travel insurance policies typically include medical expense coverage up to a certain limit.
          • Excess Payment: It’s important to note that there’s always an excess fee that must be paid as part of the claim process.
          Does travel insurance cover pregnancy?
          • Coverage Exclusion: Pregnancy, without any related complications or unforeseen events, is generally not covered by our policy.
          • Policy Intent: This insurance is aimed at unforeseen events, accidents, illnesses, and diseases. Normal childbirth and pregnancy typically don’t fall under these categories.
          What travel insurance is best for seniors?
          • Seniors Travel Insurance: We offer a specialized Seniors Travel Insurance that’s tailored for older travelers, focusing on safety and convenience.
          • Age Limits: Our annual policy caters to individuals up to 79 years old, while the single trip policy is available for those up to 89 years old.
          What travel insurance do I need for a cruise?

          A comprehensive policy covering trip cancellations, medical emergencies, and possibly specific cruise-related issues like cabin confinement is advisable.

          Will travel insurance cover a lost passport?

          Some policies cover the cost of replacing a lost passport, but this varies.

          Your policy will cover loss of passport whilst out of the country. Passport replacement will require a trip to the Consulate and may involve travel and accommodation costs.

          Does travel insurance cover luggage?
          • Coverage Inclusion: Yes, our travel insurance policies typically include coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged luggage.
          • Policy-Specific Limits: The extent of this coverage is subject to the terms of the specific policy you choose.

          For a comprehensive guide, read our article about business insurance in Spain

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