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Our team of fully qualified, licensed British insurance experts are here to help. We are with you every step of the way from start to finish. If you need to make a claim or need  assistance, our team is here to assist in English


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Cafes, bars, gyms, restaurants, manufacturers… We have the exact business insurance for any business of any size.

FULL Public liability

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Dee Warren
Dee Warren
Renewed my motor insurance at a great price. Everyone so friendly and helpful. Can give advice on all of your questions relating to Spanish living. So glad i found Miguel and his staff.
Melisa Soler Murphy
Melisa Soler Murphy
Excellent customer service!!
Good english speaking insurance agents. Friendly helpful staff
Robert “Bobby” Foster
Robert “Bobby” Foster
Very helpful staff here, not just insurance lots of advice on many subjects, residency, driving licence etc.
jan thuresson
jan thuresson
We had a case for the first time. Everything worked perfectly. Quick response and case solved in less then a week. Thank you 👍
Paul Wallwork
Paul Wallwork
Great helpful and friendly staff good service and advice 👍
Bill Harper
Bill Harper
Top class service. Nothing too much trouble and great quotes. Thanks all
Randolf van Vugt
Randolf van Vugt
Perfect service, quick response by phone and mail, accurate informations, friendly and precise. A real oasis of service and reliability in a country where this is really exceptional. Thanks for your kind support!

What’s Included

The protection you need the most

We offer full business insurance. Including: Full public liability, custom liability cover, business equipment, work completed liability and ciber insurance with data fraud and loss protection.

Whatever your needs, we’ve got you covered. 

Direct 24/7 phone assistance in English 365 days a year

We have a direct phone number, and no complicated phone maze to navigate. Get through 24/7 365 days a year.


The best service

Our team of British insurance agents is here to help. We will find you the exact business insurance that both protects your business legally and gives you peace of mind in case the unforeseeable occurs. 

About Us

Insurance Agents in Spain

We are experts in all types of business insurance, from cafes and bars, restaurants and gyms to large manufacturers, we’ve got you coverered. With over 10 years’ experience, we are here with you every step of the way from making sure that you have the right insurance for legal purposes, all the way through to making a claim. No language barrier here.


If you can’t find the answer to your question here, then our British team of insurance experts are here to help. Feel free to call us on (+34) 601 909 272. Or you can send us a message here

What is the most important part of business insurance?

It is the public liability components, this can make or break any business. In Spain, this is accompanied by legal defence.

Are accidents on my premises covered?

Yes, you are fully covered for any eventuality, from a customer that slips on a wet surface to a fall on the stairs of your business premises.

I have a small construction business and work at customer's location, does my public liability cover the work finished?

Up to six months after the job has been completed can be included in the insurance.

What if my business has to close due to fire, flooding, or any other uncontrolled reason, can I get cover for this?

This is called consequential losses. You can choose a daily amount and for the duration that suits you best.

I am the managing director of my business, can I get insurance to cover me personally?

Professional Liability insurance. This will protect you legally and compensate any court action awarded against your person.

I have an online shop and all my business data is stored online. How can I protect against hackers?

Cyber Liability policy will protect you financially and legally against the adverse consequences of losing data or applications.

I run a keyholding business and clean houses for customers. What insurance should I have?

A “Service Public Liability” insurance will cover accidents and third-party claims made against you.

As a builder, I feel very exposed to accidents. What do you recommend?

We would strongly recommend a 24-hour Accident Policy. This will cover you for any accidents at work and when not at work. This insurance covers hospital costs, daily allowance, and if you suffer any kind of disability a sum of money to modify your home and/or car

I have a large sum of produce stored in refrigerators, will my insurance cover this?

On normal policies, up to 1,000,000 euros can be covered. More on special customized policies.

I rent my house as a long-term holiday let. What can I do if the renter does not pay his rent?

Insurance for the loss of rent. Includes legal advice, screens potential clients, and can repay up to 12 months of lost rent.

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